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  • It's important for your contractor to work with grade lasers - it will save time and money. Do it right the first time.

  • Come to us with any questions about problem slopes or grading ideas - we'll take a look at your property and discuss your best options.

  • Drainage design is one of the most important aspects to making sure your equestrian areas drain quickly and your access roads stay intact.

  • Our goal is to provide you with the best quality product for your particular site.

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Grading And Drainage

Whether you need to fix an existing project or build something new, Jim Williams Construction of Placerville, CA is ready to take on your project.


Put our experience and expertise to work on your project. We will build on your ideas as we explore the options.


Be realistic with your budget - sometime it is best to  downsize the scope of work or complete the project in phases in order to satisfy the budget.

Reasonable costs and goals for equestrian sites

The grading and drainage are absolutely the most important aspects to build a strong foundation for an equestrian site - don't leave your project to chance! We have invaluable expertise in how to make equestrian building projects succeed.


Jim Williams personally sets up the site and takes the time to ensure the home owner understands the scope of work being performed.

Expert grading and equipment operation

Excellence in grading expertise


Never take your drainage issues lightly. Proper drainage design and execution is crucial in getting the best performance, comfort, and usability out of your equestrian facility. We consider lay out/ orientation, drainage issues, project cost...even the view.

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