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Selective Clearing or Something Challenging

In addition to grading and excavation work, Jim Williams Construction of Placerville, CA can provide you with attractive landscaping design and installations.


We have the experience and expertise to install water features, ponds, and any other landscaping components you can imagine.


Trust a design and construction business that's been in service

since 1979!



You'll get only state-of-the-art methods of brush and ladder fuel removal with us. Our rubber track machines lift us up into the trees to remove the lower limb ladder fuels - the rubber tracks leave a soft foot print on the land.


Another rubber track compact excavator will pull brush and small trees out by the roots, removing unwanted brush and hazardous stumps. You'll get great land clearing results at an affordable price.

Money-saving "machine method"

We'll remove as much or as little of the brush on your land as you'd like. We selectively remove unwanted brush or trees while leaving desirable trees and vegetation to create a safe and attractive landscape.


The limbs and brush can be rolled into highly-compressed bundles to manage them better. We'll chip, burn, or haul it out, depending on the season. It can also be moved to a safe area to decompose or burn at a later time, keeping your property safe from the threat of wildfires.

Selective clearing and efficient slash disposal

Variety of land clearing styles

  • Land clearing for usability

  • Land clearing for aesthetics

  • Land clearing for wildfire prevention

  • Brush and tree removal to suit your specific needs

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